Septic Inspection

Checklist Prior to Inspection

Contact Interior Health for “as builts” and any other documents pertaining to property. Provide any maintenance documents pertaining to septic tank (frequency of pumping out tank from property owner.

Prior to inspection the septic tank should be pumped out, preferably the same day for visual inspection of tank to determine if there are any cracks in the tank itself.

Determine what kind of access there is if any to the septic tank lids. In the event of no access to lids, ie: no risers or everything is buried, lids are to be exposed and ready for inspection.

If the septic tank needs to be located, we offer locating services for a separate fee.

Assess access to property home for flow testing and inspection of plumbing.

Inspection Procedure

Visually inspect and test all components of sewerage system that can be accessed such as:
  • Septic tank
  • Sump pump chamber (if present)
  • Pumps and float system (if present)
  • Power system to pumps and alarms (if present)
  • Locate Distribution box (if present)
  • Video inspect sewer line from house to septic tank and septic tank to absorption field
  • Flow test from house fixtures (sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs etc) from septic tank to Distribution box
  • All septic inspection reports will include picture references of inspection and components
  • Written report of condition of sewerage system
  • Map of system on property (if no as builts available)
  • Recommendations for repairs of improvements to system
  • Maintenance report and schedule to help extend life of system

Septic Inspection will take approximately 3-4 hours on site and 2-4 days for final report to be received.

Inspection price is determined by location of property of inspection.

For Emergencies: